Modern Methods

We use quantitative techniques to inform trading decisions. We rely on large datasets and our robust code base to analyze the market. We love R, Python, SQL, MongoDB, and Airflow.

Electric Derivatives

The country's electric grid constantly grows and changes. A booming renewables industry, changing demand patterns, and infrastructure investments create an exciting market landscape with endless opportunity.

Team Centric

Investing is a team sport at Wrigley Capital. Investment decisions are derived from strong analysis and logical arguments. Our expert team members challenge models and assumptions, all while being part of a collaborative atmosphere.


Wrigley Capital is an active participant in the Financial Transmission Rights (FTR) market with a focus on the PJM ISO. The electric grid has tens of thousands of price points solved every 5 minutes to ensure the correct balance of supply and demand. Often called "the world's largest machine," the grid is incredibly complex and trading requires an incredibly strong foundation in market fundamentals. Participation in the FTR markets presents a unique blend of physics & electrical engineering, database architecture, economics, and public policy disciplines.


Wrigley Capital invests when our fundamentals-driven approach identifies sufficient opportunity relative to risk acquired. Power prices can be volatile, which poses challenges for many traditional trading firms. At Wrigley Capital, our mix of quantitative modeling, data analysis, market fundamentals, and risk-reward considerations help us construct a diversified portfolio with optimal performance as our goal. Access to, and understanding of, the rich market data plays a critical role in our market analysis and investment decisions.


Wrigley Capital is located in Los Angeles, California. We are hiring and would love to discuss opportunities for you to join the team. Click below to contact us!

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